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Save Chewton Pool!

The Sequel

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In the 1940s and 50s the Chewton community raised enough money to build this swimming pool. In 2011 we came together to save the swimming pool from closure and raised over $50,000 to refurbish it.

The facilities now need renewal and, once again, your help is needed.

First, we need to refresh the pool itself. Refurbishment may require a little or it may be significant. The toilets, kiosk and ballast tank filters need renewal. And we require a First Aid room.

We will apply for government grants and philanthropic donations, however to demonstrate the community is committed  we will need to provide a counterpart contribution. Help us to do that.

Sponsor a piece of the pool.

A piece only costs $100. You can buy one piece or several. Purchase a family package. Get one in your pet’s name. Buy a piece for a loved one. Share one with a friend. Gift a piece as a birthday present. The options are endless.

Now it is time to renew the pool so it will last us another 66 years. Let’s come together again to achieve that.

Click here to go to sponsorship page

If you’d like to sponsor a piece and would prefer to pay via bank transfer, please contact and we’ll work it out.

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