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News & Updates
Wristband Policy

From Tuesday 4 January children under five years old coming into the pool will be required to wear a wrist band. This is in accordance with the Guidelines for Safe Pool Operations issued by the Royal Life Saving Society and applies in most swimming pools. The wrist bands help lifeguards identify the youngest water users and reminds parents / carers that they must remain within arm’s reach of their child. The wrist bands will be supplied by the lifeguards and usually will be available in yellow or pink (unless supplies change).

2021/22 Fee Increase

For the 2021/22 season we have taken the carefully considered and ultimately necessary decision to raise membership fees. Chewton Pool Inc is an incorporated association and your season membership makes you a member of our association.  By becoming a member not only do you get to swim as many times as you like all season, but you also demonstrate your commitment to the only community pool in the Shire.

We only exist because 10 years ago, the Chewton community fought to save this vital asset. We still believe that Chewton needs this pool and against the odds we have managed to keep it open every season since, even though the pool is ageing, the toilets aren't up to scratch, the concrete is looking tired and we need a new pool coating.  In order to begin saving money for maintenance we have had to take this measure. This may come as a shock to some, but we cannot continue to make our memberships as cheap as other pools which are owned and maintained by Council.


The increased cost of membership reflects the true cost of running and operating a swimming pool. For many years, the cheaper memberships were subsidised by 100s of hours of volunteer time, and there was no money to put aside for long term replacement and repair. The committee and volunteers are still working 100s of unpaid hours, but we also need to employ some specialists to help us with pool renewal and upgrades.  This is what your membership will provide, some long term financial security and savings toward pool renewal. Please remember that the pool is here for you and can only stay open with your support.


Despite the increased cost, the membership still offers fantastic value. Depending on the pass, you only need visit between 12-18 times to cover the cost (with potentially 80 days of swimming available over the season). 

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