Monday 2.30pm-3.30pm
Thursday 2.30pm-2.30pm
Saturday 1pm-2pm

Do you sometimes crave a lazy swim on a hot day when you can luxuriate in the peace and quiet? Chewton Pool has got you covered. Every Monday, Thursday and Saturday, we run AQUADUX, a swimming program which is strictly for adults only. You get to enjoy the pool without splashing and bombing in an adults only environment. You can use the time in any way you wish. Some people swim laps or do pool running. This year, we will keep a tally of the AQUADUX laps and see how far we have travelled at the end of the season. Others choose to do pool exercises, hydrotherapy, or just hang out on a noodle and chat.


We welcome adults who need a break during the day. Are you working from home and spending all day on a screen? Come down and be reinvigorated by some exercise and real human contact. If you work within the home and have a hundred tasks to do for the family, take a break and have some time to yourself. If you need to relieve those achy joints, our warmer water is perfect for getting moving again. AQUADUX welcomes adults at all levels of fitness and swimming ability


AQUADUX runs on Mondays, Thursdays between 2.30pm and 3.30pm Saturdays between 1pm and 2pm. As it is a special program, charges apply. It costs $2 for those with a season membership and $7 for casual users. Memberships can be purchased here.


Looking forward to seeing you in the swim. How's that serenity?