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Club Summer @ Chewton Pool

Scroll down for program details and rules

The Details

Club Summer @ Chewton Pool is for teenagers aged 12-18. Chewton Pool is providing a teen-only space, free food and free pool membership (unlimited swims all summer long).

XtremeInc Youth Projects are providing activities, trainers, music and the fun.


VicHealth has provided the funds for the programme (thanks VicHealth!)

If you want to come to Club Summer, all you need to do is sign up for the program below, come along to the pool and get your free membership card. Your parents and younger siblings (under 12) can’t come to these sessions, they are teen-only.

Each session runs from 12-3pm on Sundays in January, February and March (dates will be updated on our website).

If the weather is really bad or there are fires, we might cancel the session and put a message on Instagram, @chewtonpoolinc and at

Keep an eye on these so you can see what is planned for each week, there will be different activities and trainers at each session.

Here’s how Club Summer will work:

  • To be covid-safe, we will need get you to sign in each time you enter the pool. You need to practice some social distancing and hand sanitising, but you don’t have to wear a mask unless you are inside a building.

  • Normal pool rules apply. Listen to the lifeguard, no pushing, running or dangerous diving. No alcohol, no smoking, no swearing, no glass.

  • Remember to bring your own towel and sunscreen

  • We’ll be providing food, so please don’t bring your own food/drink (unless you have some special diet or allergies or something). We will provide you with a lunch of burgers (Meat, GF, Vegan), fruit and water (BYO water bottle).

  • The kiosk will not be open, so you don’t need money.

  • A space for you and your mates; teens-only.

  • You can do all the activities or none of them and just float around in the pool, it doesn’t matter how little or how much you do.

  • You can come to any session for all or part of the time, but please sign in and sign out, so we know where you are.

  • Respect each other, the trainers, lifeguard and volunteers, be nice and chill out.

Please complete the registration form to sign up (and make sure you get permission from your parents!)

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