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It's back! Last year's Chewton Hottest 100ish was such a roaring success, we're doing it all over again.

If like us, you're looking for an annual song countdown that plays the music you and your friends actually want to hear, join in and get voting. The rules are simple:

1. You can only nominate the same song once.

2. You can nominate as many songs as you like (but only once per song).

3. The songs can be from any decade, genre and country.

4. The song must be available on Spotify to be counted.

5. The song must not contain any explicit content or concepts (family-friendly event)

6. Votes will be collated and played in order-ish at the pool.

7. The organisers reserve the right to remove songs they feel may be inappropriate for the event (we're talking to you John Cage fans).

8. Tell all your friends and family.

That's it! Now get voting.

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