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Become a GOLD member

Chewton Pool needs your help, now more than ever. As you are probably aware our beloved pool, now over 50 years old, is in need of some serious maintenance in order to keep it open for many more years to come.

This season we continue with our the
"Save Chewton Pool - The Sequel" fundraising drive and we turn to the community for support. Purchasing a gold membership is one opportunity to support the pool and there will be many others over the coming months.

By purchasing a Gold Membership not only are you are helping to keep the pool going, you'll also receive a limited-edition "I love Chewton Pool" sticker, a special gold membership card and a well-earned sense of inner peace.

Any questions? Contact Click here to return to main membership page

Thank you!

* How do we calculate cost per visit?
The average number of days that the pool is open is 80 days per season. A membership provides unlimited entry to the pool over the season. By dividing the number of open days with the membership fee, we arrive at the figures shown.


A casual adult ticket is $6.50 so you would only need to visit 13 times to cover the cost of an adult season pass with potentially 66 more swimming days ahead. Plus you're helping keep the pool operating, win-win!

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