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Chewton Swim 2023
Payment Page



To confirm your place in the Chewton Swim program, please follow the below steps to make payment online.

Step One:

Select Child 1 block below

Step Two:

Select which program/programs you are enrolling Child 1 into using the drop down menu.

Step Three:

Select Full Price or Membership. This will now calculate the total fee owing for Child 1.

Step Four:

Enter child 1’s name and the unique reference number - emailed to you. This allows us to check payment against your registration.

Step Five:

Select Add to Cart

Step Six:

If not adding more children, review Child 1 details and fee then select

Checkout to make payment.


Step Seven:

If adding more children, please select Add another Child then select Child 2 (or 3) Repeat Steps Two thru Step Six.

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